Did you win NaNoWriMo?

You did it! Congratulations, National Novel Writing Month winner!
I’ve written three NaNo books myself, and I know the sweet excitement of having written a novel in thirty days. You want to tell the world that YOU WROTE A BOOK. I’m so proud of you!

However, I don’t want to see your manuscript yet, assuming you’re reading this in December. There’s work to do yet, my friend.

First, you want to book a developmental/story editor. This is a person who will look at the narrative arc, your characters’ goals and motivations, and whether you have created a believable story world.

Then, because editors book up quickly, you’ll probably have a bit of time. Use that time to revise anything you already know is wrong with your book. Don’t pay a story editor to tell you stuff you already know. She’ll be able to see the remaining flaws better if your story is as good as you can make it before she sees it.

Somewhere in there, send me an email with your best guess for when your manuscript will be ready for me. I’ll pencil you in on my calendar. You can firm up the dates later.

If you need a recommendation for a story editor, I have worked with Bev Katz Rosenbaum personally on my own books. Go book her and good luck!